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Our Mission

Serenity Horse Haven is
dedicated to making a
difference in the lives
of neglected and abused
horses by providing medical
care, rehabilitation, and
adoption services.

We strive to provide the
best care possible; matching
these magnificent creatures
with loving and caring
families; educating the
public about properly caring
for horses and advocating
for the humane treatment
of horses.


Serenity Horse Haven has horses available “TO APPROVED HOMES”; they are up-to-date on shots and evaluated prior to adoption.


Serenity Horse Haven is always looking for volunteers to love and care for critically neglected and abused horses.

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As of July 1st, 2017, we have stopped our intake program (hopefully temporarily) due to Michelle’s health issues. Around the first of July, 2017, Michelle started having severe complications from the concussions she received during 2015.

Michelle, our founder, is currently receiving treatment for her traumatic brain injury she received while feeding one of our rescue horses and we are focused on her recovery.

During Michelle’s initial assessment, they discovered that the damage caused by the concussions impacted the pathways that relay what her eyes are seeing to the brain. The treatment is focused on re-mapping pathways for her eyes to property communicate with her brain.

It's going to be an ongoing process for her to recover and build new pathways to relearn how to process everything she is exposed to. Mostly with her eyes. Think of it being like a stroke patient relearning how to talk or needing to do. She has to relearn how to process the things she sees.

For those of you who know Michelle and Ron, you know their passion for caring for the horses, and know this was not an easy decision for them. However, it is a decision they have had to make because Michelle’s care and recovery is the most important thing for them.

We are continuing to care for the horses at Serenity Horse Haven and trying to find them new homes. If you are interested in adopting or fostering a horse, please contact Ron at 903-287-0010.

Thank You!
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