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Serenity Horse Haven was founded in 2010 and works with Texas Law Enforcement Agencies, the SPCA of East Texas, and the Canton Veterinary Clinic to rescue and care for critically neglected and abused horses.

Our Assessment Process:

• As soon as possible when a horse arrives at Serenity Horse Haven, each horse in our care in assessed by a veterinarian and a rehabilitation plan is established. Each horse will be seen by a veterinarian throughout the rehabilitation period and the rehabilitation plan will be assessed and modified as needed.

• During the rehabilitation period, the horse is being assessed for behavior issues and special needs that will need to be addressed or disclosed prior to the horse being adopted. We assess both their personality and behavior. We strive to match our rehabilitated horses with "Responsible Owners" who not only will provide them with a safe and caring home, but also who can handle and care for their behavior issues and special needs.

• Once a horse has been rehabilitated (some require more rehabilitation than others) and is given a "Clean Bill of Health" by our veterinarian, the horse is available for adoption based on any behavior issues and/or special needs.

• Some of our rescued horses will permanently remain under our care as family members in our sanctuary.

1010 West Dallas Street
Canton, Texas 75103

Phone: 903-567-6581

We are proud to work with Dr. Tim Eberhart, D.V.M. and Dr. Amanda Davis Armstrong, D.V.M. with the Canton Veterinary Clinic.
Both Dr. Eberhart and Dr. Armstrong continue to go above and beyond our expections to help us and the horses in our care.
It is with our most "Heart Felt" and sincere appreciation that we say "Thank You" for all you continue to do for us!