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Our Statement of Faith

Serenity Horse Haven was founded based on Ron & Michelle's faith that the Lord was "Calling" them to take action. As you know... How can we see a starved or abused horse and not be affected? How can we "Not" be compelled to do something to help!!! Our "Calling" and passion is to care for neglected, abandoned, and abused horses.

Ron & Michelle believe in the Sovereignty of our Lord and the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ. As we walk our paths that our Lord has for us, our thoughts are formed, our actions regulated, our lives moulded by the Holy Scriptures, for, "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" (Rom. 10:17).

It is our greatest desire to serve the Lord by the demonstrating of our faith through our actions. Our passion comes from our faith and trust in the Lord to guide us in caring for the horses entrusted in our care. Through the Lord's Blessings, the horses in our care will recover and live out their lives as the magnificent creatures the Lord created.